Company Introduction

Hello, we are Bonone Corporation, a leader of the future and value of home interior.
We want to approach you as the leader that creates trendy style.

In the trend that pursues high-tech and competition, Bonwon Corporation's Shield Blinds views the world through analog sensitivity.
Digital, in the end, is only a tool to reach the analog emotion and intuition, and we feel comforted in the analog world.

Comfortable space, space of dream, space of memory. Since it is a desolate era of advanced technology,
dreaming of your own simple space isn't luxury nor extravagance, but a necessity in life that we all desire.

For the dream of children, to improve youth's poor living environment,
and to bring back adults' lost memories, Shield Blinds will cherish such dreams.

Thank you.

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Brand Introduction

Shield Blinds officially acquired the rights to use character copyrights in Korea and internationally,
and is an official brand that passed strict standard for quality and design.

It is a high-functional, high-quality product, made in Korea, that used Kolon Industries' FINON fabric,
which was acknowledged for its quality and safety, and 3M adhesive tape,
along with Shield Blinds's special UV transfer printing method.

A small luxury to enjoy in the period of recession.
Shield Blinds suggests a bright change for your space and your children's space.

Product Introduction

All Shield Blinds products are a new kind of interior item that anyone can easily install.
It guarantees certified quality through eco-friendly material and various test results, and can create more pleasant space atmosphere.

Product Line-up

Shield Blinds consists of character line and color line.
We have numerous consumers in and out of Korea through our products that can appeal to various places
and consumers with various preferences.

Customer Service Center

Please contact the head office for product inquiry or technical cooperation.
We will provide various information and details through reply.